A Day in the Life of a Contractor

Marcus Dionne, 3d Printing Technician, has completed his first 30 days in his new role and we asked him a few questions about life at Brunel. 

What’s been a notable highlight so far?

It’s been really exciting learning how potash works and the process behind that. 3D printing isn’t new to me, but some of the processes are.

What’s the environment like?

My new colleagues are fantastic and it’s clear that everyone is really passionate about this work – everyone is always interested in seeing what I’m doing. The technology isn’t new to me as it’s what I studied in school and it’s what I’m passionate about, but it’s new to everyone else so it’s exciting!

How did Brunel find you?

It was kind of funny actually – I built my own 3D printer at home and I posted a picture of it on LinkedIn. My Dad then shared it.  When Vanessa (a Brunel Canada Recruiter) saw the picture she reached out to me about the role! Overall Brunel has been really great so far – the recruitment process was smooth and everything moved very quickly.