Overcoming Hidden Hurdles

Sometimes the challenges to re-enter the workplace are not the obvious ones. For many, the biggest worry is thinking of questions to ask during an interview, or making sure you’ve Google mapped your journey so you can be on time.  For other candidates, finding something to wear is a major hurdle. 

Giving back

The Brunel team in Calgary set out to help tackle this fundamental need, by partnering with Dress for Success. This global organization aims to provide professional attire, a network of support and developmental tools. The goal is to empower women who are in financial need, by getting them back into the workplace. The women they support are able to lift themselves and their families out of poverty, restoring their confidence and their dignity.

The Brunel team devoted an entire day to organizing and prepping the “Dress for Success” Calgary location. The store provides a boutique-like atmosphere, allowing women to shop for gently used suits. That’s one element they won’t have to worry about for interview.  “It was a really satisfying day” said Lauren Koch, Special Project Manager, “Something as simple as finding the right outfit makes such a huge difference to women's confidence. We spent the day switching out fall wardrobes for winter wardrobes, getting these ladies ready for the next opportunity.” 

Building confidence

Brunel’s passion for people goes beyond the words, into deeds and actions that will really get people where they want to be. As a top technical recruitment firm, our focus is to place talented people in great roles to grow their careers. For Brunel, that means looking for talent everywhere not just the obvious places. Because getting everyone represented in the workplace matters to us.

To learn more about Dress for Success, please visit their global website.