Supporting Women Leaders in Pharma

Brunel Canada is a pioneer in the Life Sciences staffing and recruitment industry. In addition to placing top talent, we are focused on empowering female leaders in the industry. 

Recruiting for a diverse workforce

In an industry facing inclusion and diversity challenges, it’s important to create a support system for women that encourages personal and professional development.  As a staffing firm, our job doesn’t stop at placing people in a role, it extends beyond the recruitment process. We provide support before, during and after the job-seeking process. We seek to provide our contractors with the professional tools they need to succeed in their role.

Supporting a movement

In order for the life sciences industry to thrive, inclusion and diversity must be integrated into the culture and reflected in recruitment, retention and promotion strategies. 

Our Senior Client Partner, Angelina Brathwaite, saw a need to support women in the life sciences industry by offering them more than just a career. She joined forces with the Women Leaders in Pharma group and realized the benefits of the organization go beyond empowering women, they also empower companies to realize the benefit of a balanced leadership. She has since been nominated as the Vice President of Women Leaders in Pharma.

Angelina was instrumental in launching the Toronto chapter of Women Leaders in Pharma which started out as an organization in Montreal by a group of like-minded females with the belief that women are a catalyst for change. Brunel was among one of the many sponsors at the launch of the Toronto Chapter event. These events provide a great support system for women in the life sciences community to come together and engage in conversation. The organization hosts networking events, educational seminars, reverse mentoring and coaching events to help women find and use their voice.

Making a change

Creating a network of support for women is just the beginning. In order to become a catalyst of change in the inclusion and diversity movement, Founder of Women Leaders in Pharma, Milva D’Aronco stated, “To succeed, it is crucial that we not only create a trusted environment where, together, we can tackle issues and find solutions as a whole but inspire women to challenge the status quo.”

Together with Women Leaders in Pharma, Brunel aims to support women through every phase of their career allowing them to thrive and advance in the workplace.